The best school planner

Available on IOS and Android

For the busy student, keeping track of one’s academic schedule is essential. Available on iPhone and Android phones, AGENDA is the best school planner available.

No Communication Limits

Agenda App makes academic life easier with smooth communication between the students and their teachers. Parents will find Agenda App useful in keeping up-to-date on their children.

Easy to Navigate Interface

The interface is super easy to navigate, and AGENDA lets you see an overview of your assignments and classes, as well as what’s going on for a certain day. The week view gives you a helpful look at what you’re doing throughout the week, with your color coded classes and events displaying in a calendar view for quick reference.

Keep Track of Your Assignments

Adding assignments is lightning fast in AGENDA, and you can also add info like priority, due date, and even add partners if it’s a group project. All of your assignments can be viewed in a current and completed list that helps you sort out what you have due. Set a higher priority level for important assignments.

Planner View Keeps You Organized

Your planner view shows you what classes you have scheduled for each semester, and you can see the Day 1/Day 2 calendar and holidays. Shows countdown to next class, today’s schedule, homework assignment due dates and events

Push Notifications

Where AGENDA APP really shines is notifications. You can set push notifications for class times, exams and assignments. AGENDA will remind you of when you need to get to class or complete an assignment based on the timed notification you set.

AGENDA! You will love it.

AGENDA acts as the hub of your digital life as a student.

The Most Powerful School Agenda App.

Innovation in your phone

AGENDA is the all-in-one solution for your calendar, scheduling, to-do list, and more. By inputting information about your semester including courses you’re taking, when class components are scheduled, assignments and their weights, teacher contact information, and more, AGENDA will magically combine all of this information together to always give you an overview of what’s going on today and in the future.

Best Performance Agenda App

AGENDA is the esssential app for students and teachers.

Available on IOS and Android

AGENDA greatly reduces the number of apps you need to manage school life, and is very versatile in considering different schedule types. It can handle virtually anything you throw at it.


The Perfect Agenda App

Loved by iPhone and Smartphone users

Lightning fast. Customized for your school. Easy to use for students, teachers, parents, and administrators.


Customize For Your School

Every school has a different calendar of events and holidays. AGENDA customizes each school’s app and it’s confidential to only that school.

School Logo

School Colours

School Calendar

School Clubs

School Events

Beautiful Interface

Customize with your school colors and logo.

Customize Now!

Explore! You will love it.

Agenda app will be the only calendar you need to manage your academic and social life in one app.

Accessories for your AGENDA app

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Available, get it now!

Free to install on IOS and Android. Please ask your school for their custom app.


AGENDA App for your school

Schools can request customized design.


Free To Install

Available on iPhone and Android.

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